How a Modern People Directory can Bring About a More Productive, Connected, and Transparent Organization

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In some ways, a company is like a brain. It’s made up of a multitude of parts (the people, like the brain’s neurons) that each carry out their own functions, but work together to share information and perform essential tasks. It’s only through these connections that a business (or brain) runs effectively, so when it’s not efficient, it can hinder – or even paralyze – how an organization operates.

Learn how a modern people directory can facilitate and improve these connections in this eBook.

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Uncovering the power of a modern people directory

Sift surveyed more than 1,000 users across different industries, companies, and job functions to reveal how Sift helps them improve collaboration & work smarter.

A sneak peek of the findings:

saved time from having to find people



have a better idea of how everyone in their organization fits together

 nearly half  

have formed better working relationships

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